Saturday May 30th 2020

6pm Vancouver (Pacific time)
9pm Toronto (Eastern time)
10pm Halifax (Atlantic)

Click the button below to join the party!

After installing Zoom on your phone or computer, click the button at 9pm to join Canada's Largest Digital Dance Party.


How to join a Zoom meeting on mobile (iPhone, Android)

1. Download the Zoom app for iOS or for Android on Google Play, and set it up using your contact information — which our host can use to "shout you out".
2. Open the mobile app.
3. Tap on "Join a Meeting."
4. Enter the meeting ID and your name and set audio/video permissions


How to join a Zoom meeting on desktop by downloading the app

1. Download the Zoom desktop app on your Mac or PC.
2. Open the Zoom app.
3. Click join a meeting.
4. Enter the meeting ID and your name, and set audio/video permissions.


Spice up your Virtual Dance Party experience by using a Virtual Background!

Once you join the Zoom party simply go to your Zoom settings and select the Virtual Background tab and click the plus icon (+) to upload the background of your choice.

We've gone ahead and hand selected some background for you to choose from. Save them and have fun!!



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