Meet TREC Brands Inc.: A socially-conscious cannabis brand house

Today, premium cannabis brand holding company, TREC Brands Inc., marks its official launch into the industry with the announcement of its two brands, WINK and Blissed. With the backing of a curated group of Canada’s foremost entrepreneurs and cannabis industry experts, TREC sets itself apart with its mission of bringing “conscious cannabis” to market. The company pledges to donate 10 per cent of all profits to causes that matter to its consumers and local communities.

TREC’s raise was led by co-founders Basem Hanna, the industry pioneer behind one of Canadian cannabis’ largest licensed producers, TerrAscend, and Charles Khabouth the award-winning founder and CEO of INK Entertainment. Leveraging years of cannabis industry credibility and boasting large networks within Canada’s hospitality and nightlife industry, Hanna and Khabouth are pillars in TREC’s entry to the market, targeting audiences that are passionate about quality, socially-conscious cannabis.

TREC is an acronym for Trust, Respect, Equality and Compassion: the values that are at the core of all business decisions made for the socially-conscious cannabis company. With an initial shareholder base of Canada’s foremost hospitality, nightlife and entertainment innovators and cannabis industry experts, TREC has unique access to today’s luxury cannabis consumer.

“With a brand like WINK, we have the opportunity to provide consumers with a premium product that will complement their nightlife experience,” says Charles Khabouth, Founder, TREC Brands. “With thousands of people coming through our venue doors each week, INK Entertainment has the relationships and the expertise to anchor this brand with the nightlife community across Canada.”

As per TREC’s brands, Blissed is a female-focused brand creating cannabis oil products for women. The first products include Boost, a high THC oil, and Breathe, a high CBD oil, which will be available for purchase online in Ontario, with other provinces to follow. Blissed will focus on educating the female cannabis consumer through an online educational hub. Blissed will expand into other formats purpose built for this female consumer as regulations allow. For more information please visit

WINK is TREC’s second luxury brand entering the market this June with pre-rolled sativa-dominant strains. The products will first be available online in Ontario, with WINK expanding into vape pens and beverages as regulations allow. For more information please visit

Weed is Legal: What that means for your nightlife experience

Weed Is Legal! What a time to be alive. Fast forward 20 years from now, kids are going to ask you “Whoa, what was it like when Cannabis wasn’t legal?” Weird right?!? With the official legalization of marijuana this past Wednesday, you probably have a few questions about consuming it during your nightlife or concert experiences. 

Can you bring cannabis into a nightclub? A concert venue? How much can you bring? What can you smoke it out of? 

Don’t worry, we got you – the INK Entertainment team has answers! Here are 5 easy guidelines for using cannabis at any INK venue:

  1. Only individuals 19 years or older can possess or consume cannabis – Same for alcohol, same for weed. Simple.
  2. The legal purchasing outlet is the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) – Don’t purchase off some random person outside.
  3. The legal allowable quantity is 30 grams of dried legal cannabis and its oil equivalent – No one is going to smoke 30 grams in one night – Only bring what you need.
  4. Cannabis can be brought inside venues but can only be smoked in the designated outdoor smoking areas – Bundle up! Winter is coming.
  5. Permitted items to smoke cannabis at a venue are joints, vapes and smaller plastic pipes – Leave your 10ft bong at home, bro.

TL;DR: Smoke it if you got it! Make sure you’re within these guidelines and you’ll have a dope night.